The Brazilian Biodiesel and Biojetfuel Union (Ubrabio) is a  national private nonprofit trade,  which acts as an interlocutor to mobilise and unite its forces, resources and knowledge in  search for  developing the Brazilian biofuels sector.
Founded in 2007, the organization leads this sector. It represents the entire production chain, cooperates with the implementation of socioeconomic policies and contributes directly to the  gradual replacement of fossil fuels; it encourages family farming and promotes the value added to raw materials produced in the country. In order to consolidate biodiesel and Biojetfuel  in the Brazilian energy matrix, Ubrabio describes its objectives as “stimulating production, marketing, conducting research, and preparing projects and proposals”, in particular, for a new regulatory framework for the National Program for Production and use of Biodiesel (PNPB), which will  contribute to the improvement and regulation of the entire production chain, and for the Brazilian Platform Biojetfuel  (PBB). The aim of PBB is to structure a new sector in the country, based on the appearance of biorefineries capable of producing besides biokerosene, high-value"green" chemistry products , increasing the inclusion of family farmers in the supply of raw materials as it happens with biodiesel.
The scope of Ubrabio associated companies includes producers of biofuels and the raw materials necessary for production. Suppliers of equipment, materials, technologies and services related to  biodiesel and biojetfuel are also part of the entity.


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Phone (61) 2104-4411 - E-mail: faleconosco@ubrabio.com.br

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